Writing about international organisations jobs

We met for the first time in September; she was looking for a way — any way — to get her foot in the door of the NGO world, and I was looking for an intern for my project. She ended up joining another team at the organisation, in a part-time administrative role, and soon became a familiar face at the office. But I can do more than this.

Writing about international organisations jobs

The widespread destruction and the far reaching consequences had made the nations realize that they needed to help themselves or there would be no end to global unrest and instability. It was the first permanent international organisation whose mission was to maintain world peace.

League of Nations and other important International Organisations and their roles in the present International System will be discussed in detail in the paper.

What role do International Organisations play in the International System is a question that first comes to the minds of people when International Organisations are being discussed.

International Organisation play a very important role in the world today; In the globalised world we live in today, everything ranging from world peace to the clothes we wear have an important link to various International Organisations. In order to understand this statement we have to go down the timeline of International Organisations; The League of Nations was the first International Organisation in the true sense, it was an organisation whose primary objective was to maintain peace between nations.

Its goals as stated in its Covenant included preventing war throug collective security and disarmament, and settling international disputes through negotiation and arbitration. Other issues in this and related treaties included labour conditions, just treatment of native inhabitants, human and drug trafficking, arms trade, global health, prisoners of war, and protection of minorities in Europe.

Sanctions could hurt League members, so they were reluctant to comply with them. Numerous reasons like this led to the downfall of the League of Nations. The onset of the Second World War showed that the League had failed its primary purpose, which was to prevent any future world war.

The United Nations UN replaced it after the end of the war and inherited a number of agencies and organizations founded by the League. The United Nations is an international organisation which aims to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace.

writing about international organisations jobs

The United Nations currently has member states, including every internationally recognised sovereign state other that the Vatican City. The organization has six principal organs:NGO Network India, NGO Resources NGOs India is a national level Social Network of Non Governmental Organisations (NGO), Non Profit Organisations (NPO), Voluntary Organisations and Social Organisations.

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