Socio environmental influences on career choices of

Advanced Search Abstract This multi-methods qualitative study aimed to identify environmental factors that influence physical activity participation among young people in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Socio environmental influences on career choices of

When we think about career choice, several things immediately come to mind — job description, training and education required, career outlook, and salary — but there are a number of other factors that may influence your decisions. Let's explore some of these factors as addressed by multiple career development theories.

Theories can help us frame why and how things happen. In this case, career development theories help us explain why and how we choose to pursue specific career fields.

There are a lot of theories to consider in the relatively new field of career development. As you read through the factors below, you'll see that many of the related theories address some of the same issues.

No one theory explains everything, so it's good to consider these factors from multiple perspectives. These theories recommend creating occupational profiles for specific jobs as well as identifying individual differences, matching individuals to occupations based on these differences.

You can identify activities you enjoy and those in which you have a level of competency though a formal assessment. Interest and Personality Type — Holland's Career Typology is a widely used to connect personality types and career fields. This theory establishes a classification system that matches personality characteristics and personal preferences to job characteristics.

You can find out your Holland Codes, and receive a list of related occupations, by completing a questionnaire such as the one provided by the U.

Life Roles — Being a worker is just one of your life roles, in addition to others such as, student, parent, and child. Super's Lifespan theory directly addresses the fact that we each play multiple roles in our lives and that these roles change over the course of our lives.

How we think about ourselves in these roles, their requirements of them, and the external forces that affect them, may influence how we look at careers in general and how we make choices for ourselves. For more information, read about Super's Life Career Rainbow.

Previous Experiences — Krumboltz's Social Learning and Planned Happenstance theories address factors related to our experiences with others and in previous work situations.

Having positive experiences and role models working in specific careers may influence the set of careers we consider as options for ourselves.

One aspect of Social Cognitive Career Theory addresses the fact that we are likely to consider continuing a particular task if we have had a positive experience doing it. In this way, we focus on areas in which we have had proven success and achieved positive self-esteem.

Culture — Racial and ethnic background, as well as the culture of an individual's regional area, local community, and extended family, may impact career decisions.

Socio environmental influences on career choices of

Our culture often shapes our values and expectations as they relate to many parts of our lives, including jobs and careers. Multicultural career counseling has emerged as a specialized field to take these influences into consideration when counseling clients and students.

Gender is a factor included in multiple career development theories and approaches including, Social Learning and multicultural career counseling. How we view ourselves as individuals may influence both the opportunities and barriers we perceive as we make career decisions. Studies of gender and career development are ongoing as roles of men and women in the workforce, and in higher education, evolve.Journals Career Network; Self-Archiving Policy; Dispatch Dates; Socio-environmental influences on physical activity among young people: a qualitative study the study set out to identify socio-environmental factors that influence choices young people make in relation to their diet and physical activity to help inform development of.

It is vital to understand that career choices are not made based off of just one factor. Choices are made subject to many influences such as social, cultural and environmental.

The interactions and combination of various decision-making influences are unique to you, as well as your situation. his paper extends an in-depth, comprehensive research on the socio- environmental influences on career choices of novice undergraduates in Malaysia.

influences the choice of career among secondary school students.

Socio environmental influences on career choices of

11 This constitutes a problem as students often make wrong choices. But presently, there is scanty research on the influence of environmental factors Find out the influence of environmental factors on choice of career among secondary school students in Ijebu Ode.

2. Factors Influencing Career Choices of Adolescents and Young Adults in Rural Pennsylvania Abstract Adolescent occupational choice is influenced by many factors, including life context, personal aptitudes, and educational attainment.

Factors Affecting Career Choices of College Students Enrolled in Agriculture A Research Paper Presented for the Master of Science in Agriculture and Natural Resources Degree The University of Tennessee, Martin.

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