Proper assessment and intervention for patients experiencing pain

CPB - Diabetic Neuropathy: Selected Treatments discusses percutaneous electrical stimulation for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy Background The following are brief descriptions of various types of electrical stimulation discussed in this CPB, and a summary of available evidence: A TENS unit must be distinguished from other electrical stimulators e. In theory, TENS stimulates sensory nerves to block pain signals; it also stimulates endorphin production to help normalize sympathetic function.

Proper assessment and intervention for patients experiencing pain

We'll get back to you as soon as possible! We are proud to say that we have kept abreast and that we continue to offer our patients all the advantages of the latest treatments and technology - treatment of headaches, neck and facial pain, snoring and sleep apnea solutions, dental orthopedics and therapeutic medical modalities.

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About Our Office Referrals Make an appointment with us any time. Most patients are referred to us for diagnosis and treatment, but a referral is not required. Treatment Options Treatment plans are developed based on a specific diagnosis and desired outcomes.

Proper assessment and intervention for patients experiencing pain

Until you have been thoroughly evaluated by our office, we cannot determine your treatment plan or the cost of your treatment because our fees are based on the severity and complexity of each case. We also cannot accept direct insurance assignment because benefits information is inconsistent.

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It is with that desire that Doctor Demerjian continues to attend over hours of continued education courses a year. Many patients are delighted to find a doctor as versatile as Doctor Demerjian but are even more delighted when they find a solution to their headaches, earaches, neck aches, dizziness, fainting, pain behind the eyes, difficulty swallowing, clicking and locking jaw problems.

Patients with these symptoms are encouraged to call our office for an appointment. Many of the above problems can be related to jaw problems. In many cases, the lower jaw is not in the correct position in relation to the upper jaw, which causes muscle spasms with resultant painful symptoms.

Over time, each procedure seemed to alter my bite. As time went on, I began breaking crowns, needing bridges and breaking those as well. A few years ago, I also started experiencing pain on the left side of my neck, shoulder and upper back, with some occasional numbness down my left arm and thumb, I was also tripping and falling on the trails and my vision was off.


I had to get computer glasses. I thought falling on the trails was due to me not paying attention. I thought the pain and vision issues were due to my prolonged hours in front of the computer for work or school. I saw optometrists, chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists who all gave me great suggestions and routines to follow, but the pain and discomfort never went away.

This past year, the discomfort got so bad, I could not sleep through the night, waking up every two hours to try to find a better position. It all came to an alarming point when I had to have a bridge replaced and the dentist that replaced it made the bridge so bad it forced me to see a prosthodontist.

And given all I had been through with tooth doctors, I was going to take my time to find someone that really knew what they were doing. In the last six months, I saw three prosthodontists and all three had very different approaches.

But one thing was clear, they all needed me to be evaluated by other specialists before they could start any work.

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I had to see an endodontist to ensure no other teeth were compromised checka periodontist to ensure good and healthy gums check and a radiologist for a Jaw MRI check. All of it was incredibly frustrating and costly, and worse, after five months, none of those things addressed the pain and discomfort.

I even began having headaches and little muscle spasms around the jaw area. I also could not eat solid food. But there was one last referral to a TMJ specialist. Little did I know that should have been the first.

Proper assessment and intervention for patients experiencing pain

At my first visit with Dr. Demerjian, he ran some tests, read my MRI and was able to assess my jaw issues. He gave me literature that explained the jaw relationship to my pain and vision situation.

DEA Inflicts Harm on Chronic Pain Patients | Dr Lynn Webster For Part Two, Click Here, Joyce is a 52 years old, post menopausal typist who came to see me in the office because of joint pain in her hands which keeps her up at night with aching, and interferes with her job as a typist. She was fine until about three years ago when she went into menopause and stopped her menstrual cycles.

I had no idea TMJ could affect your balance no wonder I was fallingstrength couldn't grip stuff with my left hand or do push upsvision had to get computer glasses. But he said he could help me.

All things considered, I was skeptical. I had impressions taken and returned within a week to get my day and night orthotic appliances and to have a CT Scan to see what else might be going on.

A week later, I returned for my orthotic.Nursing Assessment The patient’s history reveals a severe traumatic impact to the head, commonly against a blunt surface such as a car dashboard. Signs and symptoms vary, depending on the location of the contusion and the extent of damage. May 24,  · Most of patients experiencing an osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture remain asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic; however, a large number of these patients do experience significant pain, resulting in decreased quality of life and disability.

Patients Share Humanistic Side of Living in Pain amid Lawmaker Opioid Hysteria | Dr. Jeffrey Fudin

The full text of this journal can be found in the EBSCOhost ™ and Al Manhal databases. The journal is now also Indexed in WEB OF SCIENCE. In an effort to curb opioid drug abuse and addiction, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued new rules that limit the accessibility of hydrocodone, putting chronic pain sufferers who rely on the drug in an impossible situation.

I was a floor tech, which meant I buffed floors and then waxed them with a very old heavy buffing/ waxing machine. That’s where my back problems started but I didn’t know it at the time. Proper Patient Assessment Chronic pain is defined as pain persisting longer than 12 weeks and can arise from an original injury or be secondary to co-occurring medical condition.

Pain is a very personal and subjective experience, in which a multitude of factors such as childhood background, mental aptitude, social environment, and personal.

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