Maternity leave application letter

Further things to consider when writing approval letters to employees Approval Letters Approval letters are letters written to show that a person has officially agreed to something or accepted something as satisfactory. Approval letters simply mean that something loan, mortgage, sick leave, etc.

Maternity leave application letter

Maternity leave application letter

Simpson, I am writing to inform you of my pregnancy and my intention to take the allotted 12 weeks of maternity leave available to me. I intend to start my maternity leave on November 22 and return to the office on February 24, barring any unforeseen issues with my pregnancy and delivery.

I intend to make every attempt to complete priority projects before my maternity leave begins. I should be able to check in periodically from home. I will do my best to make up for any important project or client developments I missed when I return to work.

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I intend to delegate some of my responsibilities to the Assistant Supervisor who works with me in my department during my maternity leave for your added convenience. If my plans change for any reason, I will let you know as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for allowing me time away from the office so that I may prepare for the birth, bond with my child and adjust to life as a new mother. The required maternity leave form is attached along with a letter from my doctor confirming my pregnancy.

Please contact me if you need any additional information or clarification.I sincerely hope that you understand my position and I look forward for your confirmation to this paternity leave application letter.

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I will resume to my work as soon as my parents will join in. For any kind of assistance, please contact me on Please accept this letter as formal notification of my plan to commence maternity leave on 22nd of August If my calculations are correct I will have accrued 2 – 3 weeks in annual leave by this time.

The date you submit your application is very important, since it affects the number of weeks of maternity benefits you are entitled to receive.

If you have difficulty determining which maternity benefit period works best for you, call us at (TTY: ).

This letter is to inform you that I am pregnant and wish to take maternity leave.

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My baby’s due date is in the week beginning [enter date]. I will give you my MAT B1 certificate signed by my doctor or midwife which confirms this date when I receive it.

Home / Letters / Maternity Leave Letter / Maternity Leave Letter to Colleagues Dear Office mates, As you all must be aware that I am a ‘Would-be Mother’ and the title is about to materialise into a ‘Full-Fledged Mother’, in a matter of weeks.

Now check more details for “Maternity Leave Letter Format, Format of Maternity Leave Letter” in doc from below How to Write a Maternity Leave latter? A Maternity Leave letter should be respectful, complete, and clear.

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