Htc corp case analysis

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Htc corp case analysis

However, I believe that the observational evidence is overwhelming that naked shorting practices are widely used to manipulate the stock prices of emerging biotechnology companies as well as many other small and large companies.

Unfortunately, naked shorting is an investment variable that investors must understand if they are going to make investments in the emerging biotechnology space in particular and the equity markets in general. For those like me who are attracted by potentially breakthrough technologies, you will inevitably get caught up in a manipulation that leads to a suddenly plunging stock price of a company in which you are invested.

Invariably the scheme starts with and is perpetuated by a flurry of blogs, tweets and message board comments which proclaim that the technology is worthless; management is a band of liars and thieves; and people with a positive view on the Company are being paid by the Company. Then come the lawsuits against the Company and management by the usual group of class action law firms.

Each year this scenario is played out hundreds of times. The result is usually a painful, steady, day by day erosion of the stock price due to naked shorting practices. Stocks can be cut in half by naked shorting on the basis of little or no change in fundamentals. If you are going to invest in this area, you must decide when this occurs whether you Htc corp case analysis strongly in the Company and can ride out the storm or want to cut and run.

However, sometimes it happens so rapidly that the latter is not an option. On the positive side, these manipulations can often lead to some excellent investment opportunities if the fundamentals remain intact, investor confidence returns and the shorts are forced to cover.

From my experience with these large companies, I came to believe that they were excellent at drug development and commercialization and sometimes innovation, but depended extensively on small entrepreneurial companies for their pipelines.

Many, indeed most, of the paradigm changing technologies are initially pursued by small companies. This can lead to some incredible homeruns for investors in small companies so much so that one success can offset several failures.

Htc corp case analysis

The behavior of the big companies is understandable as the number of intriguing and promising new technology approaches in drug development seems endless.

I personally have done some tracking of over biotechnology companies and this is not an exhaustive list. Moreover, exciting new technologies are evolving like lava flowing over the rim of a volcano.

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Even big companies lack the infrastructure and financial resources needed to aggressively pursue more than a small fraction of drug development opportunities.

And of course, the failure rate in new drugs is astronomically high. I have seen estimates that for drugs that begin human phase 1 trials, perhaps only 1 in 10 will reach phase 3 and in phase 3 a significant percentage will fail.

And even of those that succeed only a few become blockbusters. With this high rate of failure, drug development is not for sissies. Research people at large companies get rewarded for successes and fired for failures. What are those odds for success?

I have no data to back this up, but the chance for moderate success is less than 1 in 10 and for home runs is in excess of 1 in 25 or 1 in Take these numbers as being representative of the risk as opposed to a well-researched estimate.

As a result, many early stage companies are ignored by analysts or primarily covered by analysts working for investment banks who specialize in bringing such companies public; naturally analysts employed by investment banks are always positive on the stocks their firms underwrite.

HTC Corp. in 2012

As I looked at this situation, about five years ago, I sensed an opportunity to try to bring quality research to some of the companies in this vast universe of poorly followed companies. Obviously, it is not possible to cover all possible companies so I focused on just a few in which I tried to do exhaustive research that could give me an edge.

My strategy was primarily although not entirely to focus on stocks that could be homeruns. Please refer to my earlier comments on the risks involved. Recognizing the high potential for failure, I tried to find as many opportunities as possible and never put all my eggs in one basket.

In my own portfolio, I invest in a large number of early stage biotechnology stocks as I fully recognize that I am going to be wrong in a significant percentage of the stocks I deal with.

I call my strategy asymmetric investing and this is explained in more depth on my website at this link.

HTC Corp. in 2012 Case Solution

Finding Out About Naked Shorting I started developing my website and its content about four years ago. As I gained more experience, I was startled to find that there was another very important force at work on these companies that was apart from the fundamentals that I was focused on.

One would expect a high level of volatility in the stocks in which I specialize. However, this could not always explain the demoralizing collapse of a meaningful number of stocks that I am involved with following some news event. Suddenly and without a major change in the fundamental outlook, I would see stock prices cut in half in a short period of time.

During this time there was invariably a steady day by day price erosion naked shorting at work accompanied by an unending stream of contrived negative news flow that was demoralizing to me and other investors.The case discusses the progression of HTC over its relatively short life and we are led to conclude that the very important required need of HTC's ongoing success, that being the foresight from Chou and Wang to continuously challenge the 4/4(1).

Case 7- HTC Corp. 1) Evaluate HTC’s performance as described in the case. What are its competitive assets and liabilities? HTC was founded in by HT Cho . The discussion entails strategic actions required to achieve the goal of HTC Corp. ). This is evidenced with the CEO stating. 4). by The company operated in two segments being the original design manufacturer (ODM).

Htc corp case analysis

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Read the news as it happens! HTC Corp. in Presented By Group T1 Anoop R Gokul Krishna J Isha Pandey Venkatesh Iyer Sindhu Krishnan About the Case HTC was started in by HT Cho & Cher Wang First PDA in – iPAQ PDAs to Wireless devices Original design manufacturing and Mobile operator business Microsoft CE Selling in their own brand 5/5(1).

Htc Analysis Essay Words | 10 Pages. HTC’s CEO has asked you to help him by preparing an analysis that addresses the following: 1. Identifies and analyzes the industry and competitive environment of the mobile phone industry based on information contained in the case: HTC Corp.

in including key industry and environmental trends, .

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