How to write an application letter to diocese

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How to write an application letter to diocese

This page outlines the process by which the call to ordained ministry is supported and endorsed, discerned and formed within the framework of the national canons in the Diocese of North Carolina.

Discernment refers to the initial stages of self-examination, conversation, and guided reflection by which you and the Church consider whether you are called to ordained or lay ministry.

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This includes being nominated to the Bishop by your sponsoring congregation and clergy, followed by a period of internship during which the Bishop and the Commission on Ministry explore with you the call to ordained ministry. Formation refers to the subsequent stages of academic and spiritual preparation for ordained ministry, which begin after the Bishop, with the advice of the Commission on Ministry, grants Postulancy.

The process of preparing for ordination begins with the discernment of a call to ordained ministry. For some people, this call will be to the diaconate; for others, it will be to the priesthood. It is important at this stage to understand the differences and distinctions between these two holy orders, as well as to be clear whether one feels called to a particular ministry as a lay person rather than to ordained ministry.

Since the majority of people are much more familiar with the calling and duty of priest, those considering ordination to holy orders may need to become more familiar with diaconal ministry before entering the formal discernment process.

how to write an application letter to diocese

As you read through these guidelines, know that our prayers are with you. And we ask that your prayers be with us. To the Sponsoring Presbyter At various times in our ministry, we are given the trust of one who asks for our guidance in exploring whether he or she is called to an ordained ministry of the Church.

These guidelines outline the steps which those participating in the process of discernment and formation will take. We ask that you read through this text to acquaint yourself with the process as currently administered within the Diocese. As noted above, it is important for you to guide those coming to you for discernment in understanding the distinct orders of deacon and priest.

If you are less familiar with the calling and duties of a deacon than you would like, the COM, the Archdeacon of the Diocese, and the Director of Formation for Deacons can provide you with information. If ther is a deacon in a nearby congregation, you may wish to contact him or her, and, at the appropriate time, suggest the aspirant confer with him or her.

With the Bishop, the Standing Committee, and the Commission on Ministry, you—and those who assist you in the discernment process—bear a weighty responsibility. May God grant us humility and insight as we approach the gifts entrusted to us. We strive to do this by making disciples — living as disciples of Jesus ourselves and inviting others into the community of disciples — and making a difference for the kingdom of God through works of compassion, justice, and witness in the world.

In response to this missionary vision there is As Aspirants for ordination, we seek persons who Family life must be characterized by faithfulness, monogamy, life-long commitment, mutual caring, and affection. Nomination form available on diocesan website to Bishop by Advent 1.

Undergo physical and psychological examinations. Make sure that all required materials, including vestry endorsement, are received at Diocesan House by March Meet with the Bishop after the first of the year.

If accepted as an Intern you will receive an assignment to a congregation for an internship which will last from July 1 to the Feast of the Epiphany on Jan.

In fall of internship, meet with three members of COM for interviews. The Bishop confers with the COM and then meets with individuals to discuss the next steps in ministry granting Postulancy for Holy Orders or redirecting to lay ministry.

Begin seminary autumn following internship. In the spring of the middler year get recommendation from your seminary and your sponsoring vestry and meet with the COM for recommendation for Candidacy.

how to write an application letter to diocese

During the final year of seminary, undergo a second round of physical and psychological examinations, receive Vestry and seminary faculty recommendations, pass the General Ordination Examination GOE or equivalent.

In the spring of the senior year, meet with the COM and Standing Committee and receive their recommendations prior to ordination to the Transitional Diaconate.

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Serve a Transitional Diaconate of no less than six months, receive a recommendation from the Vestry, and receive a cure ministry assignment. The Nominee meets with the Sponsoring Presbyter of the congregation in which the Nominee has been an active confirmed communicant for at least one year preferably two or more.

The Sponsoring Presbyter reviews with the Nominee the financial obligations attending the ordination process. These will include a fee due the diocese for the initial psychological evaluations.

It is the responsibility of the Sponsoring Presbyter, the congregation, and the Spirant to work together to meet these costs. If the Sponsoring Presbyter is convinced of the appropriateness of seeking further discernment the name of the aspirant is sent to the Diocese by Advent 1.The Law Offices of F.

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INTRODUCTION. Successors of the Apostles (Apostolorum Successores) by divine institution, Bishops are constituted as Pastors of the Church when the Holy Spirit is conferred upon them at their episcopal ordination, and they receive the task of teaching, sanctifying and governing in hierarchical communion with the Successor of Peter and with the other members of the episcopal College.

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