How to write an appeal for a parking ticket

The traffic police officer issues a parking ticket by your name if they find your car parked besides a big orange parking violation hanging, or for any traffic rule violation for that matter. However, there are instances when you are issued the parking tickets by mistake.

How to write an appeal for a parking ticket

Do Blue Badge holders have to pay to park?

how to write an appeal for a parking ticket

EastendHomes tenants and resident leaseholders who are Blue Badge holders and are the registered owner of the vehicle will not be charged for one parking bay. There may be a charge for other residents.

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Do I still receive annual parking permits? No, EastendHomes has stopped issuing yearly paper permits. The registration details of your vehicle are held on our parking database. When the parking attendants patrol EastendHomes estate, they will look up the number plate using their handheld devices and check whether a car is authorised to park in a particular bay.

Can I get an 'Any Vehicle' permit? As with visitor permits, there will no charge for this permit if the tenant or leaseholder is aged 60 years or older. What happens if I change my vehicle or want to change parking bays? Contact us straight away with the details of your new vehicle.

What happens if my car is being repaired and I have temporary use of a replacement car? Contact our parking contractor on with the registration details and how long you expect to be using the replacement vehicle.

They will update your details accordingly. How do I appeal a parking ticket? Appeals must be in writing and submitted to: What do I do if someone else is parked in my bay during the times that controlled parking is in force? You must call and our contractor will issue you with a dispensation number that allows you to park somewhere else whilst they deal with the vehicle parking in your bay.

However you cannot park in another resident's allocated bay or in a way that stops another resident from using their bay. Neither should you park dangerously e. It is important that your write down the dispensation number and display it on your dashboard.

I am moving away from the estate. Can I keep the parking bay or transfer it to a family member, friend, neighbour, or any person who will be moving into the property? The licence is for you and ends when you leave the property.

Can I dispute the Parking Charge Notice now it has been passed to the debt Recovery Company?

There is a constant demand for parking bays on all EastendHomes estate and we operate a waiting list for every parking site.

Any resident of an EastendHomes estate except those living in 'Car Free Homes' can apply to be included on the waiting list. Can my visitors park on the estate?

There are visitors bays on all of our estate. Non-residents who are Blue Badge holders must display a valid EastendHomes visitor permit or scratchcard when using a visitors' bay. What do I need to do if a private contractor needs to visit me?

If it is for a short period, you will need to give your contractor an EastendHomes visitors scratchcard to enable them to park in a visitors' or contractors' bay.There are two options for short term parking on campus: Use CellOPark for hourly, hourly capped (daily) and 30 consecutive day parking.; Use the visitor parking machines in car parks 4, 5, 6, 9, 12 and 13 at visitor rates only.

Please note, car park 12 is $4 per hour for visitors. Casual parking costs. Students - $1 per hour, capped at $4 per day, $30 for 30 consecutive day parking.

PAY A CITATION You have 30 calendar days from citation issue date to pay the fine. If a citation is not paid within 30 days, a delinquent fee is added. FINDING a parking ticket stuck to your windscreen is one of the most frustrating incidents drivers face – especially if it’s unfair.

But there is some good news. Use this sample parking ticket appeal letter as a template for your formal appeal letter. If the person wants to contest a parking ticket, they should not pay it.

In most states, if the ticket is paid, it means it is not contested and an appeal will not be considered.


Just want to check that I am not BU before i send a very nasty letter to parking company c/o Dick Turpin, Highway Robber!

Last Friday, my GP sent me straight to the hospital because I was having stomach pains in early pregnancy. 3. Appeal. Find out how to view evidence and appeal against a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

View evidence. In most cases, our civil enforcement officers and bus lane cameras will record photographic or video evidence of parking or bus lane offences.

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