How tcp ip works

In this tutorial we will explain how it works in a very easy to follow language. So, what is a network protocol anyway?

How tcp ip works

TCP, also known as Transmission Control Protocol, is the basic communication language of the internet. Instead of using signals to tell senders that data has been received, UDP just sends the data, resulting in a slightly smaller packet. Well, in simple terms, TCP is related to the actual data, while IP is related to where that data is sent.

With SMTP, for example, when your email client wants to download an email from a hosted server, it requests the task from the Application Layer, which uses the SMTP protocol to complete the request. The Application Layer completes these requests through what are called Ports, and most applications always use the same port.

That port number is what allows the transport protocol, or TCP, to know exactly which application should be used to deliver the data. The Transport Layer Image Credit: The Internet Layer is where the target IP address and the source IP address is added in a header to packets of data, so the data ends up in the right place.

The Link Layer largely depends on the kind of network the computer is connected to.

TCP/IP – A Brief Explanation

The Link Layer is actually built up of three sub-layers itself. The first is the Logic Link Control, or LLC, which adds information to the data describing which protocol the data should be transmitted through.

All of the layers really work together to make it happen.A brief overview of TCP/IP communications Explains the TCP/IP network protocol, how it works, client / server connections, and more general information. While TCP/IP communications (and collecting data from TCP/IP devices) can appear to be daunting at first, it is actually a very simple communication tool.

The TCP/IP Model and Protocol Suite Explained for Beginners. How Protocols work across Networks. The TCP/IP model,protocol layers and the main protocols at each layer. The TCP/IP protocol suite is a collection of protocols that are used on the Internet.

Q&A for work. A dedicated place to share your team’s knowledge. What is a TCP/IP stack? [closed] I have been researching on the whole concept of AT commands, GPRS, and TCP/IP. My question is what is a TCP/IP stack, how does it apply to this project and how can I get one?

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share | improve this question. edited Dec 1 '11 at glglgl. This chapter describes the TCP/IP protocol system and shows how the components of TCP/IP work together to send and receive data across the network.

How tcp ip works

TCP/IP architecture can be seen in Figure 1. Figure 1: TCP/IP architecture. As you can see, TCP/IP has four layers. Programs talk to the Application layer. Stack Exchange network consists of Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share .

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