Essay questions ottoman empire

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Essay questions ottoman empire

Essay questions ottoman empire

Role of European Powers in Contributing Weakness of the Ottoman Empire In this paper is dedicated to Ottoman Empire, to explanation why its powers were declining, as well as drawing weak and strong sides of it.

I will explain how European powers, wars and expansion contributed in the weakness of the powerful Empire and in the conclusion I will summarize all important issues regarding the contribution.

Introduction In order to obtain the full picture on how European powers contributed the weakness of Ottoman Empire, it is necessary to understand the situation that was in Ottoman Empire over centuries and analyze its consequences. In the early 16th century world trade was moved from the Mediterranean Sea and from the routes between East and West, because of the piratical violence that flourished in those sea territories and significantly hurt economies connected with trade.

Muslims had always been world traders, and after that, other countries were sailing other ways leaving Muslims without profits. It is essential to mention that in the beginning of the 16th century Ottoman Empire was one of the greatest world empires, was ruled by the sultan, who was also commanding the military.

There was a theocratic order in the empire and sultans were striving to the Islam advance through military means. The main source of wealth had been loot from conquests.

The situation in Europe was absolutely different, as European middle class merchants were looking for raw materials, new markets and profits, while Ottoman middle class was oppressed by sultans, as was seen as a threat to their authority.

Ottoman society was very much concerned with its traditions, and Muslim scholars were remaining conservative, as they were sure that the Empire will keep the superiority, as said in Koran. So, Ottoman Empire was not striving towards modernization and obtaining new knowledge holding to religious traditions.

In the same century Ottoman Empire was experiencing substantial growth of population, and many people were moving to towns, causing unemployment levels to rise.

As wars and military expansion were the only source of wealth for the Empire for many years, rulers started to demand more taxes from merchants and entrepreneurs in order not to feel the lack of means for luxury life of authorities.

Corruption and favoritism were very spread, and official positions were simply bought to obtain the right to collect the desired amount of taxes.

The Ottoman Empire at the period had four layers- the mullahs, the army, the farmers and the merchants. As the society was deeply dissatisfied with the corruption, there were many rebellions taking place, but they were always crushed.

There also no export of goods in the Empire and the economy suffered big losses. The military was also suffering great changes.

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Decline of military power was very much stipulated by the weakness of political leadership, as there was not paid enough attention to the education of sultans. So, it becomes clear that in th centuries, the Ottoman Empire was losing its power and laid the foundation to the further decline and consequent fall.

Spread over a vast area stretching from the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the west to the Russian Empire, Persia and the Arabian peninsula in the north and east and, to the south, Egypt and north Africa, it contained many subject peoples and many diverse regions.

Fighting a rear-guard battle against nationalist independence movements within its borders and European imperial ambition from without them, the Empire had, by the turn of the century, one trump card. This was the general desire of the European Powers for it to survive as a political entity, for its total disintegration was a worse alternative.

It was the most rapid and frenetic annexation of the territories the human history had ever seen. The result of those events was constant weakening of the Ottoman Empire and subsequent loss of the Empire and dynasty itself.

There were several serious wars and rebellions which contributed to the weakness of the Ottoman Empire, bu the most crucial for Ottoman history appeared the Crimean Was in the middle of the 19th century along with Balkan wars and rebellions.

Crimean War of was the first major Ottoman War and it was brought with Russia. For the previous two centuries, Russia was slowly, but constantly annexing Muslim states in Central Asia. And finally in the it appeared to be near the Black Sea. Russians were very interested in obtaining Ottoman territories of Moldavia and Walachia, but still they needed the significant reason for breaking up the war.

And the reason was found: Russian side, however, was not viewing itself as the conqueror and destructor, but as the savior.

World History: The Ottoman Empire Essay

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Essay on ottoman empire

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