Dfsa regulatory business plan

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Dfsa regulatory business plan

Price Plan Rules - Digiweb

Digiweb will use all reasonable efforts to provide Subscriber thirty 30 days or more notice of same. If such changes to the basic monthly service fee are to Subscribers detriment e. Credit account balances shall not accrue interest.

Subscriber is solely responsible for use of the Service and for ensuring their information is kept confidential. Subscriber must notify Digiweb immediately upon discovering any unauthorized use of their account.

Your letter should be addressed to: Digiweb will notify you of its intent to cancel as soon as reasonably possible. It is acknowledged that this is a services contract and not a contract for the sale of goods.

Now therefore, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants herein contained, the adequacy of which is hereby acknowledged, and intending to be legally bound, Subscriber and Digiweb hereby agree as follows: Subscriber is at least 18 years of age, is legally able to enter into contracts and is responsible for this Subscriber account.

Subscriber shall pay all fees, taxes, charges and other expenses incurred in connection with the account. While Digiweb will undertake all reasonable commercial efforts to deliver the stated service the Subscriber acknowledges that service speed can vary depending on distance, internet traffic and other factors beyond the control of Digiweb.

The Service may contain material that is unsuitable for minors and Subscriber acknowledges that Digiweb does not and cannot filter the content. Subscriber further acknowledges that Digiweb will only provide uninterruptible continuous Service to Subscriber pursuant to this Agreement to the extent which Digiweb receives such service from linked communications and network operators.

Under such circumstances Digiweb will use all reasonable efforts to minimize disruption to the Service including making reasonable efforts that any such suspension take place out of normal business hours. Electric Broadband Service does not provide a PSTN service, and does not provide a voice service through which access to emergency services and caller location information is provided.

This Equipment at all times remains the sole property of Digiweb and Subscriber agrees to provide Digiweb access and permission to recover said equipment on demand without delay, obstruction or interference.

Subscriber agrees to take reasonable steps to protect the Equipment from damage, loss or theft. Subscriber agrees that Digiweb may carry out such access as is necessary by Digiweb for that purpose.

After the Initial Term, Subscriber may terminate this Agreement upon thirty 30 days written notice to Digiweb. Subscriber is liable under this Agreement for all fees and charges until such time as the Agreement has been terminated.

To cancel the Service Subscriber must send a written request for termination by mail or fax to Digiweb and same must be signed by an authorised representative of Subscriber to arrive not less than 5 working days before the end of the current billing term.

Should Subscriber terminate this agreement during the initial term for any reason other than a failure by Digiweb to provide Internet Access service for a period in excess of 5 days, a cancellation fee equal the remainder of the contract term will become immediately due, and Subscriber acknowledges and agrees to pay such fee.

Digiweb may terminate this Agreement, your password, your account, or your use of the Services for any reason, including, without limitation, if Digiweb, in its sole discretion, believes you have violated the Agreements or if Subscriber fails to pay any charges when due.

Digiweb may increase or decrease the monthly service fee. All charges are considered valid unless disputed in writing within thirty 30 days of the billing date.

Adjustments will not be made for charges that are more than 30 days old. If any payment is more than 7 days overdue or is returned by the bank unpaid, the Service may be suspended with immediate effect and remain suspended until the due amounts are paid in full.

The Subscriber is not relieved of the obligation to pay the monthly service fee while an account is suspended. Digiweb may at its sole discretion terminate the Service and this Agreement for any accounts which are 14 days or more overdue.

A reactivation fee or deposit may be required before Service is reactivated after suspension or termination. Subscriber agrees to pay the reasonable costs of any collection agency, solicitor or court used by Digiweb to collect past due amounts or to enforce this Agreement.

Fair access establishes an equitable balance in Internet access across high speed Internet services for all subscribers.

dfsa regulatory business plan

To ensure this equity, certain types of traffic such as email and browsing may be prioritized over other traffic. Further, all services are subject to a Traffic Quota which is the sum of the upload and download traffic generated during a day period. The Quota level for each service varies and is displayed with the Service details at www.

Accounts which exceed their quota may be restricted or suspended without notice, however Digiweb will endeavour to notify of such an action, and may provide web based information to the Subscriber to review their usage level. Electric Broadband Service indicative speeds are line speeds and not data transfer speeds and may be reduced by contention within the network from time to time and these speeds are not guaranteed.

Should you be dissatisfied for any reason with the service provided by Digiweb, a formal complaint process is provided to ensure that your issue is addressed as quickly as possible and at the highest level necessary. This is outlined as follows: If you would prefer to put your complaint in writing, we will respond to your letter by telephone and will confirm any details in writing should you wish.

If telephoning Digiweb, each staff contact receiving your call will provide his or her name on request.Financial Action Task Force Groupe d’Action Financière Middle East and North African Financial Action Task Force Mutual Evaluation Report. SinoGulf aims to be a leading, internationally recognised asset manager.

In pursuit of this aim we adhere to guiding principles in the management of our activities and in the values and ethics we instill in our staff. Andrew Clout (BSc) Managing Director.

Andrew Clout is an experienced Board member and a seasoned financial professional with extensive expertise in the fields of product development and structured finance. DSL SERVICE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Version 7, June 13th This Subscriber Agreement (“Agreement”) is made by and between Subscriber and Digiweb Ltd.

(“DIGIWEB”), for the provision and use of DSL Internet access (the “Service”). © DFSA refers to the Dubai Financial Services Authority, a body established under Dubai law as the independent regulator of financial sevices and related.

The DFSA issues a number of publications throughout the course of the year to keep our various stakeholders informed of our activities: DFSA Media Releases The DFSA issues media releases on an ongoing basis, covering local and international activities.

Rulebooks & Regulatory Update