Creating a computer system for a video rental shop essay

A computer receives incoming data, processes them and produces an output.

Creating a computer system for a video rental shop essay

Again there are no financial resources as users are not willing to pay for the package. As I have decided to use spreadsheets or databases to design the system I will compare both packages in order to decide which package to use. Comparing a database package and an excel package When I compare the packages I will compare Excel and Access because these are the two packages, which are available at home and at the company shop.

Here are some areas to test each application: After looking at both of them I have decided to use Microsoft Excel This is because Excel enables designers to create specifying error messages.

It is generally a better application to use, to create and invoicing system, as access is more of a database package, for storing and searching through customers. On my system the users will not be searching through customers on the computer, as they will have hard copies of invoices, for them to read.

Excel allows you to use formulas to work out complex sums automatically. There is security and passwords to limit access to the system.

Excel allows you to create forms and menus, to create a user-friendly system. Excel allows the user to use macros to shorten long tasks, for example copying and pasting cells to another sheet.

Although access is ideal for creating queries to search through the system, and making reports, this will not be needed in my system. My system will depend on the invoice sheet and balance sheet, rather than reports and queries. Unlike access, excel allows users to create charts and graphs.

I will have a separate worksheet with a macros button, allowing the user to look at their graphs of profits and losses. In my system I will be using many formulas in the worksheets.


I will need formulas to work out the sub total, VAT and total in the invoice sheet. The computer should automatically work out the totals, when the customer has entered the purchases, and the totals should appear in the cells. I will also need macros to save the work sheets or return to the main menu.

Other macros are described in the inputs, outputs and processes. This will be a major part of my system, and will be used on nearly every worksheet.[Related to: Attitude vs. Altitude] I. I write a lot about the importance of IQ research, and I try to debunk pseudoscientific claims that IQ “isn’t real” or “doesn’t matter” or “just shows how well you do on a test”.

The Operating System (OS) of a computer is a set of specialized programmes that manages all the operations of the computer; such as CPU, Memory, key board, Floppy Disks, VDU etc.

Creating a computer system for a video rental shop essay

The Operating System is responsible for the communications between the computer and its peripheral. This page contains the Argument topics for the Analytical Writing section of the GRE® General you take the test, you will be presented with one Argument topic from this pool.

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