Business writing seminars in richmond va

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Business writing seminars in richmond va

English, English My background as both an attorney and a teacher provides strong and varied experience with the essence of positive composition and effective speaking.

Communication in writing can insure success in any field of study. Accurate and engaging essays or research papers provide the reader with invaluable information and a positive response to the writer.

business writing seminars in richmond va

Proper grammar and precise explanations have provided me with invaluable experience in the practice of law, teaching in both private and public schools, and tutoring in high school and college.

Journalism has been my second major and provides tailor-made support to the study and teaching the gift of writing. Writing, Writing Effective communication by writing can insure success in any field of study. Reading College Counseling, College Counseling For several years in my position as a 12th grade honors teacher and member of the Scholarship committee, college and career counseling was an integral part of planning for each student.

In addition to determination of strengths and interests of individual students, we dealt with academic qualifications and effective application and interviewing skills.

Business Skills Training Courses in Richmond, VA

Counseling involves in-depth determination of a 1. My personal background of 3 integrated career paths is experience to bring a necessary and reality based perspective.

And, it doesn't have to be frustrating to either the student or family! I'd be happy to work with you. Law, Law My experience as an attorney for 21 years has provided the experience and communication skills necessary to assist law students or those preparing to take the LSAT.

Along with an undergraduate degree in Journalism and several years of teaching full-time, I am enthusiastic and effective one-on-one. Depending on the number of weeks before taking the test, we work through practice test sessions, one on one review of problem areas, and an emphasis on text anxiety when dealing with computerized and timed standardized tests.

I also work with the recruiters who have been assigned to each applicant to ensure a smoother preparation process. Career Development, Career Development As a professional who has pursued two avenues; a doctorate in law, and a master's in education, I share expertise with those seeking help in selecting or furthering their career goals.

During my 4 years of teaching high school seniors, I was their counselor from consideration of curriculum through submission of college essays and applications.

During my years of legal practice, I presented seminars for a. In many situations, we worked with anticipating changes in employment by revamping resumes, securing certifications or credits, or networking, to insure ongoing success or promotion.

BUSINESS SKILLS - Team Building/Motivation

The textbook career development models were applied integrating the 1. My experience reflected that specifics are unique to each person, but the proven methods of career development are necessary and effective.

College Counseling, College Counseling For several years in my position as a 12th grade honors teacher and member of the Scholarship committee, college and career counseling was an integral part of planning for each student.

As an attorney and teacher, my students receive careful and enjoyable lessons geared particularly to reading comprehension, parallel logic, and essay writing. We work one on one with precise instructions to improve scores for acceptance to top-tier graduate school programs.

Please look over my WyzAnt profile and review the student ratings there. The GRE in large part reflects communication and logic skills which are strengths I can help you develop. Praxis, Praxis Completion of the Praxis exam is required for licensure for teaching in the Commonwealth.

As a former full-time teacher in Henrico County and though I had a doctorate of law degreemy completion of the Praxis lead to my Masters Degree in Education.

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My scores on all portions of the test were successful at the first taking. It is a specialized type of test-taking, and I've tutored students in that endeavor. As an experienced tutor with standardized tests from high school level through graduate level degrees, my 21 years as a practicing attorney and my Masters in Education, provides insight to this challenge.

Integration of the subject matter along with ways to streamline retention and timing, is the key. These skills remain essential throughout every student's educational and career pursuits. Success on the SAT provides a strong base for future endeavors.

Unlike creative or research writing skills, SAT writing measures application of the techniques learned during the first 12 years of education.

My background provides the experience to insure effective review and increased scores.National seminars on subjects from management training and management seminars to help business professionals in communication skills training, to medical training for continuing education credits.

Managers can gain leadership skills and team building through supervisor training and leadership seminars. Seminars In Richmond, Virginia (VA.

Grant writing workshops, courses, seminars, the best grant training helping you win federal, foundation, NIH, education, science, environment grants. One, Two and. The monthly Richmond SCORE Small Business Workshop is designed to help new business owners and entrepreneurs within the Richmond, Virginia area (#RVA).

Offered on the 2nd Friday of every month, the small business workshop provides you with a solid understanding of the issues and actions necessary to get your business up and running. Vincent Ellis White, a (South) Richmond, Virginia native, is a certified fatherhood facilitator, carries a Bachelor's of Science degree in Mass Communications, a Master's in Education, and an Executive Management Certificate in Business Management.

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Business Skills Training Courses in Richmond, VA