Assignable cause

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Assignable cause

No comments Assignable Cause An assignable cause is a type of variation in which a specific activity or event can be linked to inconsistency in a system. In effect, it is a special cause that has been identified.

As a refresher, common cause variation is the natural fluctuation within a system. It comes from the inherent randomness in the world.

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The impact of this form of variation can be predicted by statistical means. Special cause variation, on the other hand, falls outside of statistical expectations. They show up as outliers in the data. It decreases productivity and increases lead time. It makes it harder to manage processes.

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While we can do something about common cause variation, typically there is far more bang for the buck by attacking special causes. Reducing common cause variation, for example, might require replacing a machine to eliminate a few seconds of variation in cutting time.

A special cause variation on the same machine might be the result of weld spatter from a previous process. The irregularities in a surface might make a part fit into a fixture incorrectly and require some time-consuming rework.

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Common causes tend to be systemic and require large overhauls. Special causes tend to be more isolated to a single process step.

Assignable cause

The first step in removing special causes is identifying them. In effect, you turn them into assignable causes. Once a source of variation is identified, it simply becomes a matter of devoting resources to resolve the problem. One of the problems with continuous improvement is that the language can be murky at times.

You may find that some people use special causes and assignable causes interchangeably.

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Special cause is a far more common term, though. I prefer the more precise, important distinction between an unidentified cause and an identified one.

Be consistent in how you use your language, and make sure that your team understands the specialized vocabulary.

By creating a consistent language, you will speed up communication and reduce misunderstandings.A special-cause failure is a failure that can be corrected by changing a component or process, whereas a common-cause failure is equivalent to noise in the system and specific actions cannot be made to prevent the failure.

The purity of the Patagonian salt, or absence from it of those other saline bodies found in all sea-water, is the only assignable cause for this inferiority: a conclusion which no one, I think, would have suspected, but which is supported by the fact lately ascertained, [3].

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Assignable cause

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