Art is long life is short

He shares accounts from NDErs who meet God. What he discovers is that these testimonials share unique similarities that provide overwhelming evidence that God is real. This book was written to share NDEs with people who enjoy reading books or who don't have access to a computer. This book puts the two concepts together to help learn to apply them in our own lives.

Art is long life is short

The author is professor of biology, University of California, Santa Barbara. This article is based on a presidential address presented before the meeting of the Pacific Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at Utah State University, Logan, 25 June At the end of a thoughtful article on the future of nuclear war, Wiesner and York 1 concluded that: It is our considered professional judgment that this dilemma has no technical solution.

If the great powers continue to look for solutions in the area of science and technology only, the result will be to worsen the situation. An implicit and almost universal assumption of discussions published in professional and semipopular scientific journals is that the problem under discussion has a technical solution.

A technical solution may be defined as one that requires a change only in the techniques of the natural sciences, demanding little or nothing in the way of change in human values or ideas of morality. In our day though not in earlier times technical solutions are always welcome.

Because of previous failures in prophecy, it takes courage to assert that a desired technical solution is not possible. Wiesner and York exhibited this courage; publishing in a science journal, they insisted that the solution to the problem was not to be found in the natural sciences.

They cautiously qualified their statement with the phrase, "It is our considered professional judgment. Rather, the concern here is with the important concept of a class of human problems which can be called "no technical solution problems," and, more specifically, with the identification and discussion of one of these.

It is easy to show that the class is not a null class. Recall the game of tick-tack-toe. Consider the problem, "How can I win the game of tick-tack-toe? Put another way, there is no "technical solution" to the problem. I can win only by giving a radical meaning to the word "win.

Every way in which I "win" involves, in some sense, an abandonment of the game, as we intuitively understand it. I can also, of course, openly abandon the game--refuse to play it.

This is what most adults do. The class of "No technical solution problems" has members.

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My thesis is that the "population problem," as conventionally conceived, is a member of this class. How it is conventionally conceived needs some comment. It is fair to say that most people who anguish over the population problem are trying to find a way to avoid the evils of overpopulation without relinquishing any of the privileges they now enjoy.

They think that farming the seas or developing new strains of wheat will solve the problem--technologically. I try to show here that the solution they seek cannot be found.

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The population problem cannot be solved in a technical way, any more than can the problem of winning the game of tick-tack-toe. What Shall We Maximize?

Population, as Malthus said, naturally tends to grow "geometrically," or, as we would now say, exponentially. In a finite world this means that the per capita share of the world's goods must steadily decrease.

Is ours a finite world? A fair defense can be put forward for the view that the world is infinite; or that we do not know that it is not.

But, in terms of the practical problems that we must face in the next few generations with the foreseeable technology, it is clear that we will greatly increase human misery if we do not, during the immediate future, assume that the world available to the terrestrial human population is finite.

Art is long life is short

A finite world can support only a finite population; therefore, population growth must eventually equal zero. The case of perpetual wide fluctuations above and below zero is a trivial variant that need not be discussed.

When this condition is met, what will be the situation of mankind? Specifically, can Bentham's goal of "the greatest good for the greatest number" be realized?

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No--for two reasons, each sufficient by itself. The first is a theoretical one.There are four ways of performing a judicial hanging: suspension hanging, the short drop, the standard drop, and the long drop.

Art is long life is short

A mechanised form of hanging, the upright jerker, was also experimented with in the 18th century, with a variant of it used today in Iran.. Suspension.

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Suspension causes death by using the weight of the body to tighten the noose around the trachea and neck structure. In the original saying of Hippocrates, the Greek surgeon, it referred to the art of healing: ‘Life is short, the art long, opportunity fleeting ’ Art is skill, craft.

Chaucer wrote: ‘The life is short, the craft so long to learn.’ Sir John Davies wrote: Skill comes so slow, as life so fast doth fly, We learn so little and forget so much.

"Life is short, art is long" - For the last 38 years Barb Austin-Hutchins has been teaching art at Montpelier High School. This year, after her long career dedicated to nurturing creativity in thousands of young minds, she will be graduating with the class of A phrase that emphasizes the permanence of art and the fleeting nature of human life.

Nov 22,  · Provided to YouTube by Pison Contents Art is long life is short · ku bon woong 21 ℗ Pison Contents Released on: Composer: ku bon woong Auto-g. From the long, wonderful article by Hans Urs von Balthasar on Soloviev in the Third Volume of The Glory of the Lord: "The Antichrist will blur the edges of the apocalyptic rift between morality and the cross, between cultural progress and the resurrection of the dead. Goodbye Mexico, until we meet again hasta luego! As the Grateful Dead said, “What a long strange trip its been.” Tonight we board a plane at the Mexico City Airport and fly overnight to London, then board a flight to Madrid.

As I've gotten older, I've been painting more because I know that art is long and life is short. Prov. Works of art last much longer than human lives.; Life is too short to learn everything you need to know about a.

May 27,  · , Benjamin Franklin, The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Written by Himself: Alas! art is long and life is short! My friends would comfort me with the idea of a name, they say I shall leave behind me; and they tell me I have lived long enough to nature and to glory.

Nov 22,  · Provided to YouTube by Pison Contents Art is long life is short · ku bon woong 21 ℗ Pison Contents Released on: Composer: ku bon woong Auto-g.